This is brave, bright poetry distilled and pure.
– Michael Dennis, Today’s Book of Poetry

Camia’s clear and concise lines echo the unsayable and the difficult in trails that simulate the staccato beating of the heart.
– Patria Rivera, the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Most readers will find The Significance of Moths to exist in that rare intersection of sophistication and accessibility that so many poetry collections cannot sustain.
– Stephen Hong Sohn, Asian American Literature Fans

At once laconic and rich, her verse is a testament to the power of economy in language.
– Annick MacAskill, CV2

Disturbing but delightful, Camia’s sharp, stark poems unfold crumpled childhood memories and meditate on the beauty of their horror.
– Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

Contemplative and affecting, The Significance of Moths burrows itself into the consciousness as an earworm would.
– Beatrice Paez, Shameless Magazine

Camia masterfully employs a minimalist poetic style—strings of short, abrupt thoughts are packed with expressive, meaningful imagery.
– Nadia Siu Van, Room Magazine