Calliope illustrates the rich emotional complexity found in instances – the choice moments of life from bliss to darkness, that convey the eccentricities, vulnerabilities and strengths of human existence.


This graceful collection takes the reader through a wonderfully vivid series of thoughts and moments that linger with a welcomed ease while at the same time revealing the often cold sobriety of raw human experience.

It is the type of work we should demand of all our artists: honest and intelligent, and at all times beautiful.

Shirley Camia is an exciting new talent.

– Joe Cummings, Canadian poet and broadcaster

Shirley Camia’s first collection of poems is not to be missed.

Bringing together the sinuous lines of Kay Ryan with the cool, uncluttered vision of a Haiku master, she invites us into a world at once resolutely unsentimental and intensely personal: as she writes:

let us / on this day / be friends

– Ted Goossen, literary critic and translator of Japanese literature